Rb commodities


RB COMMODITIES is a trader specialized in Minerals & Commodities and Steel Products formed by an international group of companies committed to the extraction, treatment and commercialization of Coal and Minerals following an strict environmental protection code.

Our offices in Russia are represented by MegaCoal Rus LLC company focused exclusively into Coal Commercialization and Distribution.


Our professionals, with long expertise over 30 years in the industry, work in strategic locations and have gathered an in-depth knowledge expanding the business territories in order to maintain a dynamic and efficient control of the market and keep up to date with international market trends.

Across the years we have been improving our sales operations by enhancing our buying source & networks, cost effective sales and smooth export arrangements. Our main exports are to industrial consumers, vehicle manufacturers, power companies and processors of oil and food.

We strictly adhere to international rules and procedures.


Our MISSION statement consists in providing high quality, affordable and reliable goods under solid principles of responsibility and sustainability with the higher respect to the natural and social environment, providing our customers the best product with a sustainable service.


Our VISION is to become an international leader creating value by connecting consumers and producers. We always believe that clients need a long-term relationship of trust in quality and pricing with their suppliers.



Working with partners allow us a better position amongst our clients.


We are always seeking for improved technology and products which contributes to the company’s growth.


Encouraging a culture of respect to the environment among our employees.

Health & Safety

Reducing risks and ensuring safety processes at work environment.